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 Thank you for looking into The Belmond Area Arts Council.  Please feel free to browse through the tabs, check out the photo gallery, and learn who we are and what we are about. We try to feature local artists throughout the year. We host a variety of activities throughout the year. We will begin in June with a Kite Day, and then enjoy the summer with preparations for our Power Show in August. In October, we plow, November, we will host our annual Thanksgiving dinner, and finally, in December, we have the Three Nights of Lights. 

Thank you to all who came to the 2015 Antique Power and Country Craft Show!!  Deloras C. Frederick of Clear Lake is our new Featured Artist check below for more information.   Karla Ruth and Deb Niermann will be our artist for Coffee House August 30th at 2:00 pm at Art Center.
Karla Ruth and Deb Niermann Appearing

Waterloo singer-songwriter Karla Ruth will be the featured performer at the third installment of the Coffeehouse Music Series on Aug. 30, which will be presented by the Belmond Area Arts Council.
Ruths energetic musical style is a mixture of acoustic folk and rock with touches of the blues and jazz. She is a veteran of the Iowa music scene, performing across the state along side of folk legends and luminaries such as Bonnie Koloc, Susan Werner and Grammy Award Winner Howard Levy.  For more

Presenting Deloras Frederick
Deloras Frederick is a Watercolor Artist who will featured August 23 through September 27th.  Her Open House will be September 20th, 2015.