About Us


About Us!

The Belmond Area Arts Council (BAAC) was formed in the late 70's with the mission of promoting arts. We were given a 120-acre farm and building site from the late Cloe Jenison if we would build a museum to promote art (especially hers!). The arts council was formed and the dream was becoming reality. Our beautiful museum regularly hosts the works of several local artists. The walls are filled with color and creativity. Throughout the years, some of us concluded that art can take on many forms. So, was born the Prairie Homestead Antique Power and Country Craft Show, otherwise known as "the tractor show." More years passed, and we decided to explore some other forms of art. How about "open air" art? We started "Kites Over the Prairie." Last year, we had many families come out and we gave away 40 kites to the kids. Keep your mind "in tune" with us as you never know what art form we may surprise the community with next!