Small Steam Engine
Getting Large steam engine going
Getting steam engine ready fopr saw mill
What a rare find!
New scale
Old D8 dozer
Case Steam engine
Look at the rows of old tractors
Check out case tractors
look at the red Farm All tractors
Look at the John Deere tractors
Dave need somthin'?
Potatoe diggin'
All ages get involved to dig tators
Diggin' up the spuds
Ran through sifter and ready for pickin'
All sizes get involved in gettin' the tators up.
Where should we go next?
Look at all the tractors
What a spectacular view
Again WOW!
What a view
Choppers at work
Look at the shellers
Look at the shellers
Shellin' corn from the old crib
Look at the scene
Learning to make rope the old fashion way!
Monitor log saw
Monitor log saw at work
Small steam engine display
small sheller
Kirby and Shelly working with youth
No Child Left Indoors trailer
Helping youth learn to shoot archery
Learning a life long sport in the outdoors
Blacksmith at work
Look at the beautiful quilts
What a bunch!
More fun at the wood saw
Nice old car
Makin' cider
Gotta have the animals
IHC 1915 Motor truckMoel EX
Fun intertainment
Border Collie at work